A fitness revolution masquerading as a party Morning Fitness Party introduced new, unseen, unheard formats along with popular workouts. The workouts were hosted by the biggest celebrity fitness trainers. And to further boost the user experience, partner brand interaction stalls were also created at the event.
The opportunity was to create conversations on calorie burn, carbs, organic eating et all are main stream now. A market has evolved that espouses a softer approach to fitness. A fun way to being healthy & fit. That is the space MFP occupies. Party your way to being fit.


Urban population at large has become extremely health conscious. While they want to eat healthy and stay fit, physical activity does not top their list. Exercising, gym routines, fitness classes are not sustainable. This audience is not into serious fitness. They want to be healthy but don’t aspire to build six pack abs.

Media Mix:

Print, On-ground, Digital.

Key Highlights:

  • Multi-city event
  • 29 parties across 9 cities
  • 30 weeks long activation
  • 75,000+ digital community
  • Modular sponsorship format