Brand: Sennheiser

Block out the cacophony

When it comes to noise pollution, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are counted as three of the world’s top ten noisiest cities. Factory-heavy environments and some serious traffic concerns give people little time and space to escape the cacophony around. The visual depicts the human ear through which the noise of the city traffic is trying to enter. The imagery shows motorists, vendors, rickshaws blaring their horns, road construction and political rallies with loudspeakers and several other factors that are major contributors to the high decibel levels.

What is it then that can help block out this noise? The visual shows that the canal of the ear is blocked by a pianist playing the piano, an analogy for the earphone—something that has the power to block out all the unnecessary noise by taking you to the world of music and joy!

To depict the scale of traffic, a top angle view was employed while the semi-relief structure of the ear was such where the crowd and cars could be shown vividly. To keep things natural, the construction of the crowd was carefully chosen—there were vehicles, people and animals—exactly what one would find on a day-to-day basis during commute.

The piano signifies the sweet sound of music—the kind of sound that is best enjoyed without disturbance from abstract noise in the environment.

The poster was released in April, 2016.