Bangalore is known as the “Dance Capital of India” and the city is a hub for dance music fans.


Bangalore works hard and parties harder. With a great fan base here for dance music, the idea was to connect with the cosmopolitan youth of this city in a manner in which they experience a repertoire of musicians that they wouldn’t have seen in the city.


‘FiveSixZero’ is Bangalore’s own music festival. It’s a music festival in the true sense with multiple genres of music at the same festival—Indie, Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap, EDM, House, Underground, etc., covering every music genre that is trending internationally. An out-of-this-world experience through its various touch points throughout the year, besides the high production main festival.


Season 3
Over 50,000 people engaged through the festival.
The FiveSixZero franchise includes club shows throughout the year across 6 cities, campus shows across 3 cities, on-tour event to Hyderabad and Mumbai, pre-parties across 6 cities, a Music Summit a day before the main festival, and the main festival with two stages and multi-genre music.

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