Heart Failure is becoming a severe health issue in India. As per estimates, there are 8-10 million Heart Failure patients in the country. What is worrisome is that 23% of Heart Failure patients in India die within a year of diagnosis.
The issue is that there is very low awareness around Heart Failure in India. Additionally, most people don’t know the difference between heart failures and heart attacks. Separately, Heart Failure patients often mistake the disease with signs of ageing and thus, don’t end up consulting doctors at the right time.


To combat this issue and to build awareness and propose solutions, The Times of India has launched Beat Heart Failure as brand initiative, in partnership with Novartis. The initiative was backed by thorough research.
The initiative aims to inform and educate our readers about this rapidly growing problem and to engage with relevant stakeholders on suggesting solutions that offer accessible care and treatments.
Since no such initiative exists in the industry, the idea was to capture the void of awareness and create a mass awareness program (IP) around heart failure, with the intent to get the state govt. to draft a heart failure policy.
The campaign was executed around World Heart Day to monetize the property.

Media Mix:

Print, Digital, TV, Radio, On-ground

Key highlights:

  • Over 5 panel discussion successfully executed in state capitals viz. Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bhuvaneshwar, Jaipur, Trivandrum
  • National panel discussion to be held in Delhi
  • Print ads, Digital promotions (influencer series), TV vignettes & promos, Radio promos, expert bytes & radio fabric on World Heart Day